CONGRATULATIONS !!!The House of Culture p.Botakara Buhar-Zhyrau district hosted a presentation of the monograph "Toponomika Buhar-Zhyrau area." The author of the monograph is Zhetpisov Sagyndyk Urazgulovich - Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Tourism and restaurant business.
The monograph describes the administrative-territorial characteristics and maps showing the location of the population the main points Buhar-Zhyrau area. Job undoubtedly will make a significant contribution to the development of tourism in the area, and will also be useful for a wide range of readers, and for professionals, scientists for further research on the history, georafii, local history.
Zhetpisov SU was awarded a diploma of Akim Buhar-Zhyrau district Nurken Kobzhanova.

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