Intellectual game "I Environmentalist

November 1, 2014 the department "Ecology and Assessment" was held intellectual game "I am an ecologist." The event brought together 12 schools:


1. KSU School № 66 (rus 9kl)
2. School № 95 (rus 9 cl.)
3. OKSHDS №77 (mixed 11kl.)
4. Secondary school №60 (Rus. 9kl.)
5. ZHBBOM №25 (KAZ. 9kl.)
6. Secondary School № 41 (KAZ. 10kl.)Intellectual game "I Environmentalist
7. KSU secondary school №58 (Rus. 10-11kl.)
8. Spets.shkola boarding "Murager" (KAZ. 9, cl.)
9. school №63 (Rus. 11kl.)
10. Daryn (Rus. 9, cl.)
11. Daryn (KAZ. 10 cl.)
12. Secondary school №30 (Rus. 11 cl.)

According to the provision of intellectual game was conducted in three phases:

  1.      The first phase of the "card team." Evaluated the original name of the team (3 people) and motto. The team presentation was led by a captain. Regulation 1 minute. Stage was assessed by 5-point scale.
  2.      The second stage of the "contest to mark International Day without paper." Estimated a creative approach to solving the problem of conserving natural resources and reducing wastage of paper. Regulation 5 minutes. Stage was assessed on 10-point scale.
  3.      The third stage. Intellectual game "I Environmentalist" was held on the themes: autecology, Population ecology, synecology. Were given 5 questions on each topic. For the preparation of the response provided by 1 minute. A total of 15 questions. Each correct answer is awarded 5 points.

The jury consisted of:

The jury consisted of:

  1.      Head. Chair of "Ecology and Measurement", prof. Baikenov Gulzhan Gausilevna:
  2.      Associate Professor of Chergizova Bibigul Tulegenovna
  3.      Master of Environment Benz Tatiana

As a result of the three competitions were distributed as follows:


1st place - Daryn (KAZ. 10kl.)


2nd place - Daryn (Rus. 9, cl.)


3rd place - School №63


In the nomination "The most creative team" team won the school №30.



Intellectual game "I Environmentalist  Intellectual game "I Environmentalist  Intellectual game "I Environmentalist 
   Intellectual game "I Environmentalist  
 Intellectual game "I Environmentalist  Intellectual game "I Environmentalist  Intellectual game "I Environmentalist
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