Continuing Education and Micro-Qualifications in the Republic of Kazakhstan: The Future is Now

Continuing Education and Micro-Qualifications in the Republic of Kazakhstan: The Future is Now

Education is rapidly changing, and Kazakhstan is actively implementing innovative approaches to learning. Svetlana Borisovna Glazunova, Director of the Department of Strategic Development, explains why continuing education and micro-qualifications are becoming essential tools for professional and personal growth.

Why is Continuing Education So Important?

In a world where technology and the economy are developing at an incredible speed, the knowledge gained in universities quickly becomes outdated. The need for constant renewal and expansion of skills has become a vital necessity. Continuing education allows people to stay abreast of the latest trends, acquire new competencies, and remain competitive in the labor market.

What are Micro-Qualifications?

Micro-qualifications are short-term educational programs aimed at acquiring specific skills. They can last from several weeks to several months and allow for quickly gaining knowledge in a specific area. These courses are ideal for those who want to quickly upgrade their qualifications or learn a new profession.

Implementation in Kazakhstan

In the Republic of Kazakhstan, continuing education and micro-qualifications are gaining increasing popularity. State and private educational institutions are actively developing and offering new courses that meet the requirements of the modern labor market. Leading universities in the country are launching advanced training programs and courses in the most in-demand specialties, such as IT, management, marketing, and many others.

State Support

State support plays a key role in the development of the continuing education system in Kazakhstan. As part of the national development strategy, the government has initiated several programs aimed at stimulating the professional growth of citizens. An important aspect is creating conditions for education accessibility for all segments of the population, regardless of their social and economic status.

Benefits for Citizens and Employers

For citizens, continuing education and micro-qualifications open new opportunities for career growth and personal development. They allow for quickly adapting to changing conditions in the labor market, providing confidence in the future. For employers, it is an excellent opportunity to enhance the qualifications of their employees without interrupting production. In a highly competitive market, companies are interested in ensuring their employees possess the most up-to-date knowledge and skills.

Experience of Karaganda University of Kazpotrebsoyuz

Karaganda University of Kazpotrebsoyuz is a prime example of the successful implementation of continuing education programs and the development of micro-qualifications. The university actively collaborates with leading regional employers to develop and offer relevant courses that meet labor market needs. The university offers a wide range of programs, from IT and management to marketing and finance, enabling students and professionals to quickly adapt to new challenges and demands. More details can be found at:


Continuing education and micro-qualifications in the Republic of Kazakhstan are not just a trendy phenomenon but a necessity in the modern world. They open new horizons, allow for adapting to the challenges of the time, and ensure sustainable development for both individuals and society as a whole. By investing in education today, we are laying the foundation for a successful future tomorrow.

Be ready for changes, learn new things, and never stop improving!

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