Training seminar "Hotel industry: today and tomorrow"

Training seminar "Hotel industry: today and tomorrow"

Our university considers the successful employment of graduates as the main indicator of the effectiveness of educational activities.

So, on November 17, 2023, a training seminar "Hotel industry: today and tomorrow" was held for graduate students of the specialties "Tourism", "Restaurant business and hotel business", "International Relations". The seminar was conducted by Antonina Nosova, an invited specialist of the training department of the Reikartz hotel chain. Reikartz Grup Otel is an international hotel chain, the parent company of which is registered in the Republic of Turkey. It unites more than 80 hotel facilities in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, Sweden and Germany.

The agenda of the seminar included the following issues:

effective management of the hotel and sanatorium complex;

marketing and advertising in the hotel services market, as well as sales management;

material and technical equipment of the enterprises of the hotel complex;

effective personnel management in the hotel business;

improving the quality of the reception and accommodation service.

The main result of the seminar is the students' mastery of customer-oriented service settings and skills. This approach is based on the ability to solve the guest's question competently and promptly, in accordance with his expectations.


 Training seminar "Hotel industry: today and tomorrow"

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