Departure employment in hgc

Departure employment in hgc "avalon" and the travel agency «nomadic...

October 19, 2016 Lecturer, Department of Tourism and Restaurant Maymurunova AA held a visiting session with students groups Tour-33, Tour 41k specialty "Tourism" on the subject "Turopereyting" on the theme "Technology development of tourism products" with a visit to the HGC 'Avalon' and firms «Nomandic...
Open lesson on the theme

Open lesson on the theme "The Silk Road"

October 14, 2016, the teachers of the Department of SW and SPD held a public study lesson. The format of an open class game journey on the theme «The Silk Road». The main goal: to form the concept about the history and development of the Great Silk Road and its impact on the development of culture of...
Presentation of Erasmus+ project CACTLE.

Presentation of Erasmus+ project CACTLE.

October 13, 2016 at 15.10 Erasmus+ project CACTLE (Central Asian Centre of Teaching, Learning and Entrepreneurship) was presented for university staff in 103 audience. There is also involved Karaganda Economic University Kazpotrebsoyuz besides Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan universities in this project, which...
Agitation work of group Аbay region

Agitation work of group Аbay region

Mobile group Аbay region of October 12, 2016 in RAIОО conducted vocational orientation work. Aim of event : to provide information to the graduating students of schools of Аbay of district about KEU and KEBP.During conversation graduating students filled questionnaires, set questions, looked over rollers...
Victorin in the dormitory of KEU №3 on a theme

Victorin in the dormitory of KEU №3 on a theme "25year of independence...

On October, 13, 2016 teachers of department "banking" of Еrmekova K.A., Issanov A.S. and group F-21с/k together in a dormitory №3 conducted a quiz on a theme "25year of independence of RK".In a quiz students took part resident in a dormitory №3. An aim of quiz is propaganda of patriotism, friendships...
The decade of the department

The decade of the department "Marketing and Logistics"

October 11 -Opening of decade. Competition for the best wall newspaper-congratulation "The best profession is ..." (time 11-50, 289 audience).October 12 - Business game "Route of logistician 2016" (Central Park of Karaganda, involving 1-4 courses specialty "Logistics")October 14 - Essay competition on...



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