Politics in the selection of areas of research in KEUK focused on the sustainable development of the research activities of the University through effective integration of education and science, which, in turn, implies an increase of research capacity of the University, the creation of a multi-channel system of research funding in departments, integration of scientific research and educational process.
Top-priority goals of research activities of research work and RWS KEUK are:
- Patterns of modern development of the world economy and Kazakhstan, on this basis development of recommendations for socio-economic modernization and the formation of a competitive national economy;
- Features of development of monetary and financial system in the context of globalization and the formation of effective model for interaction between elements of the monetary and financial system of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the global financial system;
- Environmental economics and environmental protection, challenges and prospects for sustainable development in Kazakhstan in terms of integration into the world economy;
- The competitiveness of the industrial and innovative productions of Kazakhstan in the international goods and service markets in the context of regional integration processes;
- Human development in the process of establishing a new quality of economy, development of recommendations for integrated development of the main components of human capital (knowledge, skills, health, etc.) and its distribution in a society of universal labor;
- The legal regulation of economic relations in the Republic of Kazakhstan.