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Dear colleagues!

Research Institute of economic and legal research of the Karaganda economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz, in fulfilment of Project grant funding of the science Committee of MES RK on the theme: "Criminal-legal and criminological problems of combating illegal trafficking in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues in the Republic of Kazakhstan" invites You to take part in the scientific-theoretical on-line conference on the theme: "Conceptual problems of combating drug addiction in the Republic of Kazakhstan»

Presentation of materials for the conference

To participate in the conference by April 10, 2020 materials of the scientific article must be sent to the following e - mail- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  1. Articles submitted as MSWord files (doc or docx) are accepted for publication, but pdf and tex files are not accepted.
  2. The length of the article should be from 5 to 10 pages.
  3. The article to be published should consist of the following elements in the given order:
  • article title;
  • surname, name, patronymic (in full) of authors;
  • names of institutions where they work;
  • text of article;
  • list of references;
  • email addresses of all authors.

The elements of the article must be designed in accordance with the following requirements.

  1. Title of the article (in bold 16-point font)
  2. Full names of authors and their places of work (font-14 points, authors ' names separated by commas).
  3. The text of the article (font – 14 points, line spacing-single, paragraph indent-1.25 cm, page width alignment).

Symbols and abbreviations that occur in the text must be disclosed when they are first mentioned in the text.

  1. References-sources are arranged in the order they are mentioned in the article (font-14 points, page width alignment).

Порядковый номер ссылки указывается в квадратных скобках в соответствующей строке текста статьи.

The names of books, articles, other materials and documents published in a foreign language, as well as the names of their authors must be given in the original transcription.

  1. The working languages of the conference are Kazakh, Russian, and English.

Articles submitted later than the deadline or that do not meet the established requirements will not be published.

The collection will be published in electronic form with an ISBN index assigned. Publication in the collection is free. The conference materials will be published on the website of the Karaganda economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz - www.keu.kz.

The text is original and cannot be edited. The author is responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the text.

Responsible for the formation of the conference collection:

c.l.s., docent Fetkulov A.Kh. tel. 8-701-512-67-32,

m.l.s., Orynbekov A.S. tel. 8-775-596-22-60,

Specialist Inerbayeva D.O.сот.тел. 8-701-141-46-28


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