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Dear Graduate of Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsouz!

The public association "Alumni Association of Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsouz" takes action within the walls of our ALMA-MATER.

The mission of the Alumni Association of Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsouz: Creation of the Alumni Association is a support of the mission of Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsouz through the integration with all graduates of KEUK, perception of the general atmosphere, ideology, rules and regulations, which is a direct and indirect source of funding for Association. Any graduate of this year and past years may become an Alumni Association of KEUK, who cherish the KEUK graduate title.

Goals and objectives of the proposed project:

The main aims and objectives are:

- The Union of KEUK Graduates for maintain in the postgraduate period of university spirit, a sense of unity and corporate, as well as support and assistance from the university graduates;

- Strengthening and development of traditions of the University, the study of its historical past; graduates participate in scientific-research, cultural, educational and social activities, projects and programs for the University and Kazakhstan society;

- Formation of intellectual creativity of university students;

- Identify and support young leaders, their training methods and techniques of organizational work;

- Ensuring compliance the content, forms and level of preparation of KEUK specialists contemporary needs of a fast growing economy of Kazakhstan;

- Providing support for graduates to enhance their social status and professional growth, contributing to the achievement of success in a various spheres of activity;

- Combining actions of graduates to strengthen the position of KEUK in Kazakhstan and abroad;

- Assistance to members of the Association to the fullest use of the existing legal, economic and organizational structures of state and society to realize their rights and freedoms.

Strategic direction of our organization:

  1. Positioning of the Association in the University - this strategic objective is to create a certain external image of the Association in the media and in the minds of KEUK students. The main objective of the shares conducting by the Association – the achievement of the Association positive image in the mass media and in the University.
  1. Organization of the Association's activities - the basis of any informal interaction based on the principle regular meetings, development and implementation of projects. In this case, when graduates are scattered across the country, direct communication may not be possible. The virtual communication can be an alternative, as well as, purposeful informing of graduates about the activities of the Association. The Association should independently initiate the contacts and communication between alumni of KEUK.
  1. Creating of close connection and common activities with the Alumni Association of Siberian University of the Consumer Cooperatives, Russian (Moscow) University of the Consumer Cooperatives, Belgorod, Volga Universities of the Consumer Cooperatives and other Russian universities, universities of cooperative of CIS countries for joint cooperation, especially because of the Alumni Association these institutions exist more than one year.

4.Participant in the annual conference of the Alumni Association of the CIS conducting in Moscow - annually conducting the meeting of Alumni Associations of Russian universities and universities of the CIS in Moscow. In this situation, the Association "cooperator" could be the initiator of such gathering, as for the Alumni Association of Kazakhstan, and for the Alumni Associations of foreign cooperative universities.

Traditions we hope will be guided by each member of the Alumni Association:

  1. Each member of the Association remembers about the proud graduate title of Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsouz.
  1. Each member of the Alumni Association confirms and strengthens the good image of the university for its deeds and actions.
  1. Each member of the Association is aware of a sense of community and unity with the rest of the graduates and students of the university.

Today we stand at the origins of the new association - the Alumni Association. Join our team. Let's write a story together!

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